Getting Close to Departure 2018

Our Costa Rica Team for 2018 is getting close to departure.  We have some prep to do and could still use prayer.  Our focus this year is sharing the Gospel and training the teens at the church in Costa Rica how to effectively share the Gospel with others.  We will spend time both teaching English in schools (our day job) and training in the Gospel to the teens at the church (our night job).  The students on our team will have a lot of responsibilities as they do the training.  One of the hardest parts of using the Fusion Missions experience is that the Students are to do all of the training and our adults are to be quiet during the presentations.   It is student leadership at its best but I will have to be quiet and let our students learn and grow and struggle.  We will of course debrief and teach prepare during the trip but when the present….I can’t jump in and save them.  That is the leadership training.

I will try to post weekly before we go and then try to get something daily during the trip.  We welcome your prayers as we go Live Sent! (John 20:21)



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