9 days to go!

We are in the home stretch.  T-shirts are delivered, bags are starting to be packed up and even as I type this two of our students are across the office from me prepping for their presentation.  Please keep praying for our team as we prepare our hearts and bodies to be used by God in Costa Rica.  Two of the things I have learned over the years of doing missions trips is we need to be flexible and we need to be prayed up.

Flexible in that all of our planning could be changed as we arrive and find that the local ministry has a different plan.

Prayed up in that we need to increase our dependance on the Holy Spirit to guide us and help us to be used as needed not as we wanted.

Last thing to pray for our team….Communication.  Pray that our team will communicate well, will be encouraging to one another.  We will spend some time on thursday the 12th at a camp and the staff there will lead our team through some team building and team communication exercises.  This will be good for the team as we prepare to leave the following day into some emotionally intense circumstances.

Thanks for praying!



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